June 2024

Helping Those Most In Need - YOUR IMPACT IN 2024

Six months into 2024, we reflect on the tremendous impact the generosity of donors has made for the families we assist. Your contributions help us provide essential support to those facing hardship in our community. 

Housing And Rehousing The Homeless

During this time, we have been extremely busy. We provided housing to 69 families, taking 101 adults and 160 children out of the uncertainty and stress of homelessness.

Our Sustaining Tenancy social worker has assisted 14 senior adults to retain their tenancy or move into more appropriate housing.

All are delighted to have moved into new modern apartments, experiencing a warm, healthy, well insulated home for the first time!  

“My social worker was amazing, without her support and advocacy we wouldn’t have this safe, secure home. Thank you so much, you truly changed our lives.”

New 3-bedroom property in Northcote was opened for transitional housing in April 2024. 

Empowering Through Education

Thanks to you, we can offer classes to adults, teaching skills in money management, computer literacy, tenant and landlord responsibilities, and help them achieve independence by passing their driving licence. 

“The computer skills I learnt are helping me with job hunting.”
“I learnt to navigate rentals and understand my responsibilities”

$600 will cover one adult learner in the Learning Centre classes. 

Keeping Homes Warm In Winter

Our 45 transitional houses have all been brought up to Healthy Homes standard with heat pumps, insulation and quality curtains. 

With energy costs soaring, you help us assist low-income households with new warm pyjamas and bedding. Vulnerable seniors and families with children will stay warm through the cold winter months. 

$80 provides warm pyjamas for a family of four. 
$200 warm bedding for family of four. 

Regular Donations 

With the current economic uncertainty and restraints, we rely on your donations to maintain the life-changing opportunities that De Paul House offers. Please consider making a regular monthly donation which will ensure we can continue to lift families and vulnerable seniors out of homelessness. 

Yes! I'd like to make a regular donation. Yes! I'd like to make a regular donation.

Leaving A Legacy 

Be a part of effecting lasting change for New Zealand families. Gifts left in your Will make a huge contribution to the work of De Paul House, providing the funds we need to continue our work. If you would like to know more, please contact Jan on 09 4805959 or admin@depaulhouse.org.nz For more information, click here

Your generosity makes this vital work possible. On behalf of all those we serve, thank you for your compassion and commitment to creating a just, equitable, and well housed community. 


Jan Rutledge, QSM
General Manager