How Can You Help?

"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members."

Become a Volunteer


The roles are many and varied. From sorting donated goods, setting up units to welcome a new family, working alongside our teachers with the preschoolers and babies at Playgroup (ECE) or tutors at the Community Learning Centre, to assisting with marketing and fundraising events.

You may have a specific skill that you can utilise at De Paul House.

Become A Volunteer Become A Volunteer

Donated Goods

We accept new and second hand donations of good quality, clean, practical items you would offer your own friends/family useful for setting up a new home. We do not accept broken, stained, or damaged goods.

For food, clothing, linen/bedding, household items such as kitchen appliances and white ware, contact us. For health & safety reasons, we do not accept electric blankets, mattresses 6+ years or whiteware 10+ years.

For furniture goods, send an email including photos here. Let us know if you would like furniture to be collected and we will contact you.

Furniture collections are only available on the North Shore area. Collection days vary. Drop off welcome, please contact us first. 



To continue providing a welcoming, safe haven for families facing a housing crisis, we need your support. 

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