Leave A Gift In Your Will

Help build a community with homes and care for all those in need.

Leaving a gift in your Will to De Paul House will assist us to support and transform the lives of families and senior citizens struggling with housing and hardship. No matter how large or small, you will equip families to build brighter futures for themselves, their children and our community.

Why choose De Paul House?

De Paul House has worked in North Auckland since 1986. As an agency we can see the “lift” which practical support and kindness delivered by a skilled team can achieve for those most disadvantaged in our society. Be part of this change, by leaving a legacy which will have ripple effects across generations.

Your gift will support De Paul House to:

  • Provide adults with the education and support they need to thrive in parenting, work and the community

  • Provide early childhood education to children who will value the opportunity, and who might otherwise miss out

  • Help to ensure support for parents and families, so they can provide safe, healthy and nurturing homes for their children

  • Support people who are homeless in Auckland – children, young people, adults and seniors– to find a safe and stable home

  • Assist Aucklanders to remain independent and sustain their homes

  • Advocate for systems-level change that protects and promotes the rights and wellbeing of all children and communities 

How to leave a gift?

We know this is a big decision for you and those you care for. When preparing your Will, we recommend you seek the assistance of your family solicitor or a trustee company (such as the Public Trust or Perpetual Guardian Trust), to ensure your wishes are properly recorded. You will also need to tell them what kind of gift you would like to make. There are a variety of ways to leave a bequest to De Paul House, depending on what suits you best:

Residuary Bequest – here you make a gift to De Paul House of what is left over or a percentage thereof (the residue) in your estate after all expenses and debts have been settled and your loved ones have been provided for

Pecuniary Bequest – this means a specified sum of money in your Will is gifted to De Paul House.

Specified Bequest – this is where a particular item of value (for example stocks and shares, property or works of art) is gifted to De Paul House in your Will.

Our legal advisors recommend the wording below, that can be added to your Will by your lawyer or Public Trust, depending on who holds your Will.  

I GIVE AND BEQUEATH the sum of $_______ to the trustees for the time being of the DE PAUL HOUSE CHARITABLE TRUST (Registered Charity CC49019) to be applied toward the general purposes of the Trust [or provide specific details for application of bequest] AND I DIRECT that the receipt of an authorised officer of the Trust shall be full and sufficient discharge to my Trustees. 

Find Out More

For more information about how a gift in your Will may benefit our service, please email Jan (General Manager) jan@depaulhouse.org.nz or fill in the form on this page.

If you decide to leave a bequest, we would love to hear from you, and let you know how much we value this support, and what we are working to achieve. 


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