Term 1 courses at De Paul House Community Learning Centre
92 Onewa Road - 9:30am to 12:30pm

To register, book an appointment or for more information, please contact Moana by email: moana@depaulhouse.org.nz or click here




Budgeting (Money Mates) + Cooking

Learn practical skills to make your money go further + learn to make simple, healthy and cost-effective meals. 

Starts February 12.

Computer Class 
(10-week course) 

  • This is a certificated course at a basic level.

  • Only eligible for those with School Certificate/NZQA level 1 or less. 

  • Registration required

We engage learners by putting their learning into real life situations — engaging with their child/children’s learning, managing their own health, exploring job opportunities, interacting with government agencies, investigating personal interests, so they can participate in everyday online interactions like shopping, banking, as well as connecting with friends and whānau both in Aotearoa New Zealand and overseas.

  • Brand new chromebook $60 

Starts February 13. 

Communal Chill Out

A chance to socialise with some leisurely activities e.g. going out for coffee, walk/explore the neighbourhood, exercise, potluck, cooking and more.

Starts February 14. 

Driver's Licence (Learner's Only 10-week course) 

Get your learner's licence - Learn to drive safely and confidently with help from Auckland Transport. 

Starts February 15 to
April 11.

English Language and Literacy

Learn conversational and written English from basic to advanced levels. 

Starts February 16.