Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.



We are constantly amazed at the resilience of our families! When a family with three daughters at secondary school had to move out from their rental they went through a period of multiple moves, living in temporary accommodation and having the family split between relatives before finally arriving at De Paul House.

Throughout this time, the eldest daughter ensured the three school aged siblings were always driven across town to attend high school. Despite all the disruption throughout the past year, the three children received their NCEA results with merit passes. A great achievement!

Another family’s 17 year old daughter passed NCEA level two with excellence. This despite five moves in the last two years and 5 months in our accommodation, Helen continued to take two buses to ensure she continued her schooling.  When we congratulated Helen on her success, she shared that her desire is to become a Doctor.  We have no doubts that this is an achievable goal. 

In response to need, this year we are extending the hours for the early childhood centre and learning centre. Our two learning facilities are a great pathway towards a brighter future for children and parents. Your donation ensures we can keep these valuable services running.

Janice is a trained early childhood teacher with one daughter. She has been in the same job for 9 years. After her long term rental was sold, she suddenly found herself without a home. She could not afford the current rentals despite a long search and was eventually left with little choice but to move into the local camping ground. This was not a safe place for her and she was relieved when she was offered a two bedroom unit at De Paul House. Since being here she has planted out flowering pots, grown sunflowers and replanted our vegetable patch. She asked if she could fit out the community lounge to make it a welcoming place for families to chill out.


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You may remember our story about Michael and his three young children, separated from his wife due to Covid. We are pleased to advise that after almost a year apart, his wife will arrive in Auckland from Australia and following two weeks isolation, finally this family will be reunited. Michael has been with us for over 5 months and is about to move into a sustainable rental. He will be assisted with furniture, bedding and kitchenware to help him set up his home. This and the cost of the moving truck will be covered from the savings scheme he paid into each week.

Thank you to the many who have responded to our call for online banking or credit card payments. By July 2021 all banks will stop accepting cheques. To help supporters, we can offer credit card and online banking or if you wish to make a regular payment, contact your bank to set up automatic payments.

Your support allows us to help families like Janice and Michael rebuild their lives and begin to believe in a better future for their children. Thank you.