March 2020

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.


While providing emergency accommodation to homeless families is our core business, there is also a lot more we offer.  A home is the first priority for our families but staying connected to our services ensures that those who need support have a trusted partner to return to. “Walking alongside” our families is a key component of what we call Outreach support. This is available at all stages of our family’s journey to ensure housing is sustained.
Housing advocacy
is the first step and means we can help families negotiate the bureaucracy they must face to get on to the social housing waitlist.
For many of our families their housing crisis is due to circumstances outside their control.


Linda is a grandmother in her 80’s. She has faced the trauma and grief of losing her daughter to cancer and being the only relative able to care for her two grandchildren aged 10 and 12. She lives in a tiny one bedroom retirement flat. Her granddaughter and grandson were sleeping on sofas in the lounge. After a year of these cramped, unsatisfactory living conditions someone recommended she contact De Paul House and a social worker spent 6 months working alongside her to help her get registered on the housing waitlist. Meanwhile all three were managing in the tiny flat, dealing with their sadness and wondering what the future held.

Finally, a three bedroom house was offered, a new build in a new housing area. The grandchildren can walk and bus to their new schools and love their new home. We assisted with furniture and household goods, bedding and clothing.


This year we are starting the Kids club with 17 children aged 4 to 12. They will be mentored by wonderful senior students from Carmel and Rosmini Colleges. The children arrive at 3.45pm excited to learn, play and work alongside the mentors. We are so fortunate to have the willing hearts and hands of these senior students. They are great role models for the children.



WISE Collective project in partnership with De Paul House learning centre are continuing their inspirational classes.  This term the sewing certificate course had over 18 women attend. Two successful classes in the Food handling certificate has successfully led to catering opportunities for adult learners. For many this is the first income they have managed to generate for their families.They are proud and excited by the potential development of the business. We also wish to acknowledge the co-ordination and support provided by De Paul House staff member, Moana. She is the warm, familiar face of the learning centre, without her this would not happen.


This is providing valuable, free access to quality early childhood experience and learning for pre-schoolers. Parents are supported with Plunket and health checks, parenting advice and a lot of emotional support and encouragement.

All these three services receive little or no government funding.


Thomas is a hardworking 18 year old who lived at De Paul House with his Dad and three siblings. He got a school holiday job working at the local supermarket. When they were offered a house in South Auckland, the family moved. They do not own a car. Thomas continued to work locally travelling by train and bus to work. He is due to start a Business degree. When a De Paul House social worker asked if a bicycle would be helpful, he was delighted. Bike Kaipatiki, are repairing donated bikes and gifting them to De Paul House families. The heartbeat of De Paul House is our families and our supporters and donors. We cannot do this valuable work without the generosity of people like yourselves.

Partner with us to ensure we can continue to make a difference.