Housing is absolutely essential to human flourishing.
Without stable shelter it all falls apart.


You will have been hearing a lot about emergency housing in the news lately.  We wanted to clarify the difference between emergency housing and what we offer at De Paul House which is transitional housing. Emergency housing is short term stays, mostly in motels or hostels with limited support or suitability for families. Motels are not suited to long term stays particularly for families. Trying to cook for hungry children using just a microwave or a single electrical element is one of the many challenges faced. Our transitional housing offers a pathway out of homelessness with excellent wrap around services. Our self-contained units and houses are fully furnished with linen and blankets, and a well-equipped kitchen.

At De Paul House we are always striving to find ways to better assist families. 


Our dedicated tenancy support social worker takes referrals from families and individuals struggling to maintain their current tenancies. She works alongside the family to identify challenges and helps the family to address them before they risk losing their rental. This role requires patience, perseverance, and compassion. Witnessing poverty and hardship in private homes due to the high cost of rents, is a humbling experience. By helping families remain in their homes, this reduces the burden on transitional and community housing providers at a time when resources are stretched.

 At De Paul House we are always reminded of the strength it takes to reach out for help.  

Often, they need practical support like warm bedding, beds, fridges and washing machines. More complex issues relating to living in poverty take longer to disclose and can include loneliness, isolation, family harm, and poor health.  

In partnership with the Ministry of Social Development we are running a two day workshop called ‘Ready to Rent’. This is aimed at assisting those ‘stuck’ in emergency housing to understand their options and responsibilities in securing a rental tenancy. 

For many of our families, they lack the right information and understanding of tenancy processes and we have many stories of families renting substandard accommodation, unaware of their rights or where to go for help. 

Tina had finally separated from her partner due to his gambling addiction and its negative impact on her family.  Tina is an excellent mother determined to make a good life for her two school age children. She was lonely and isolated, just having somebody listen was a huge step forward.  Parenting and custody issues were resolved with the support of her social worker and advice from Auckland Community Law who provide a free drop-in legal clinic at DPH.  Financial support was provided by De Paul House, which allowed Tina to take driving lessons and sit her restricted licence.  She failed the first time but with great determination she saved up the $86 to resit and passed! This has allowed Tina to move on to part time work.  Your donations are needed to ensure we can continue to provide opportunities for New Zealand families to succeed. Thank you for your support.


De Paul House is very appreciative of our supporters and community who find many practical ways to support our families. 

Your donations ensure we can continue to provide opportunities for New Zealand families to succeed. Thank you for your support. 

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