December 2022

As I reflect on the past year, I am aware that many families are struggling to provide the basics of life and Christmas is another pressure.

Our core business is providing housing to homeless families. One of our key points of difference to other housing providers is that we can resource families with every day basic material needs. Many arrive with just the clothes on their backs and very little else. 

The Basic Necessities 

Ministry of Social Development’s Child Poverty report 2022 states that “Material hardship is defined as going without 6 or more essential items.  These are the basics of food, clothing, accommodation, heating, and transport, and the inability to afford other items most of us would regard as essential.” Medical and dental care is unaffordable, as is participating in sport and school activities, or taking holidays. Material hardship rates for children in the families we assist are three to four times higher than the average NZ household. 

We witness the lack of resources families face daily. These are everyday items that we take for granted – nutritious and fresh food, clothing, shoes, enough bedding and pillows, beds for each child, lack of transport. We receive donated goods that our volunteers spend many hours sorting to supply our storerooms. Volunteers also work in the early childhood centre and the community learning centre. 

Your donation goes straight to helping low income, vulnerable New Zealand families, providing them with the dignity of choice. 

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“De Paul House is a beacon of hope and light. My life has totally changed since leaving De Paul House and settling into my new home and community. They helped me with furniture, beds, bedding, kitchen things and they have phoned me to make sure I am settling in. My Social Worker helped the children with school bags and lunchboxes.” Ex resident 

Beating the Odds 

Congratulations to Helen* who we mentioned in our March 2021 newsletter. Helen shared that her dream was to become a doctor. Helen has taken two buses to reach her secondary school, for over 2 years. She completed her final year with honours and has received a Scholarship to Auckland University to begin studying medicine. Helen’s family came to New Zealand from a war torn North African country, arriving as refugees. They were reunited as a family.

Despite the material hardships the family faces, without a family car and having to live away from supportive extended family and community, this family’s commitment to ensure Helen can realise her dreams is heart-warming and life changing.   Not just for Helen but for the whole family. Money spent on buses reduces the income left for food and basics. Without the scholarship, Helen would have struggled to attend University. Congratulations Helen!

Look what we have done with your support!

Achieved in 2022 

250 Children
receiving Christmas gifts

100 Adults
receiving Christmas gifts

38 Households/Furniture packs given

407 Food parcels

64 Families rehoused 

45 Families' resident for Dec/Jan
(76 Adults and 143


Together we bring the magic of Christmas to NZ families. We sincerely wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and look forward to sharing more stories of triumph over adversity in 2023. Thank you for your ongoing support and kindness. 

Jan Rutledge, QSM
General Manager