December 2021

Season's Greetings!

As Christmas is fast approaching, we reflect on what has been a challenging and difficult time for not only our families but for all New Zealanders. It is more important than ever that De Paul House help the homeless and low-income families we support to celebrate and enjoy Christmas.

With lockdowns and restrictions, with no volunteers able to be onsite and maintaining social distancing, we are having to do Christmas differently. This year we are seeking your help to bless every child, teenager and adult with a gift voucher. Your donation will go towards the purchase of vouchers from Westfield and The Warehouse. This will allow the families to ‘choose’ their own gift!

Covid 19 changes everything...

For the first time in over 35 years, we will not be able to hold our annual preschool Christmas party. Santa will not be arriving, without your help. Please join with us to help bring the magic of Christmas to the lives of 181 children and 136 teenagers/adults. 

give a gift give a gift

Celebrating success – even in lockdown

Despite Auckland experiencing lockdown for over 110 days, we are very proud of our achievements during this time. We have managed to fully furnish 11 two-bedroom apartments, remotely interview homeless families, and settle them into the new accommodation.

We are preparing to furnish another 10 units in Northcote that are being renovated by the Catholic Diocese of Auckland. Our social work team are already interviewing homeless families, who we will house safely before Christmas!

Gift of stable housing

Despite lockdown De Paul House has successfully switched 11 houses from transitional to long term social housing for the families living in the Warkworth complex. This offers these hard-working families a sense of security and stability, and they now have a ‘home’ rather than a temporary house. 

During 2021 we have housed 95 families and assisted 57 families (80 adults and 122 children) to move out and resettle into new stable housing, after facing homelessness and living in our transitional housing. 

Staff rise to the challenges

I want to acknowledge all the staff who continued to work throughout lockdown both on site and remotely from home.  We learnt the art of zoom online meetings, the importance of clear communication and how much families valued hearing from their support worker or receiving food parcels to help while having the whole family at home. 

Supporters, Donors and Bequests

We could not have been as generous in our support of families without the tremendous response we have had from individuals, businesses, and organisations. Donations, new clothing, shoes and food were delivered direct to our door by supporters.  Thank you all for your long and continuing care and generosity towards De Paul House families. 

A special acknowledgement to those whose family, remembered De Paul House through a bequest in their will. These unexpected donations are truly appreciated. 

As we head towards Christmas, we wish you and your family the true joy of the Christmas season and a prayer for unity and kindness towards to all people.  On behalf of all the families we have supported this year, the Board thank you for your care and generous giving. 

Jan Rutledge
General Manager

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!